Saturday, July 4, 2015


 There have been a lot of shark attacks recently, so I wanted to share my shark story.  I had an uncle and aunt who lived in Jacksonville, FL.  We spent one weekend with them.  In fact, that has been the only time I have been to Florida, believe it or not.  So, we went down to the beach and saw some commotion.  There were 12 baby sharks that had washed up on shore, and they were laid out in a row at the edge of the water.  About 100 yards off shore, we could see a full-grown shark swimming back and forth.  It was the mother of the babies looking for its young.  Very said to see, and you didn't see any humans going out there either.  This was long before "Jaws", and there were some very smart people with common sense.  Don't go in the water.

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