Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camp Greenville

 When I was around 14 and 15, my parents sent me to Camp Greenville, which was a YMCA camp near the SC/NC border in the mountains.  Some boys stayed for the whole summer.  I just stayed for a week.  There was swimming, hiking, camping, sports, and other activities.  I couldn't swim, so I had to do the other stuff.  We stayed in huts with tin roofs.  When it rained, it sounded like machine guns everywhere.  They have one of the tallest waterfalls in North America there, and it was fun to play around it. 
 We went camping overnight there and stayed in tents.  I slept very soundly that night.  A mountain lion came through the camp and apparently scratched the tent right by my head.  I heard nothing.  They said the counselor fired a rifle to scare the cat away.  I slept right through it.  I really can't tell you that it actually happened, but everyone there swore it did.
 There was one kid who could throw a baseball from the outfield like a laser and hit the catcher behind home plate.  It was amazing.  He was from Florida, but I don't remember his name.  He should have played in the majors. 
 The head man there was an old man named Monk.  He knew everything.  I remember him telling us that if a car runs over a snake, 90% of the time it will run over the snake's head.  Why?  Because snakes strike at moving objects, so it goes after the tires.  So, the car runs over the head.  Funny how some things stick with you.  I also remember him telling us not to step over a log.  Step on top of the log and see what is on the other side before going on.  You never know what is on the other side like a snake.
 The last day of the week for us was Sunday.  We went to the camp's outdoor chapel, which was called "Pretty Place".  And it was.  It was built on a cliff which overlooked the valley below with mountains rising up on three sides.  We were there around 6am for the service.  While we were there, the sun was coming up and fog was in the valley.  I saw 3 golden buildings with one in the middle taller than the other two.  I thought I was dreaming, so I pinched myself and found I wasn't dreaming.  So, I thought it was a mirage and rubbed my eyes, but it was still there.  So, I turned around and then turned back, and it was still there.  I did not know of any close by cities that would be reflected by the sun like that, as Brevard was the closest town, and they didn't have tall buildings.  Greenville was in the opposite direction.  I realized that I was having a vision of Heaven, which scared me even more, because Daddy and Mother were coming to pick me up that afternoon to take me home down the winding roads of the mountains, and I thought we were going to have a wreck and die.  I didn't tell anyone about what I had seen, but I was in awe.  When my parents came to pick me up, I was terrified in the back seat of the car the whole way home, but we got home without any problems.  I pulled out a map to see if there was anywhere that could have produced the golden buildings, but there were none.  I firmly believe that I had a vision of Heaven.  About 5 years later, I had another vision, which I will talk about later.  I know there are skeptics about this, but it did happen to me.

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