Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bullying Part 2

 Just a quick note about what happened when I got to high school.  The bullying was not as much as junior high.  Mainly because there were more people in high school, and some of the bullies were now on the football team or more concerned about partying or passing.  There was one guy named Michael, who continued to bully me.  He enjoyed throwing me over desks in classrooms.  Occasionally, I would be punched in the arm on the way to class, but that didn't happen much.  Thankfully, the lockers were too small to be stuffed into. 
 I will talk more later about my high school experience, but just a follow-up on Michael.  He graduated with honors from high school and went on to college.  During his first semester, he killed himself.  It is said that he did so, because he didn't have any friends.  I went to his funeral, as did one other person from our high school class.  Michael was a gentle giant who no one understood.  I wish I could have been his friend.

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