Thursday, July 2, 2015


 As mentioned previously, we went to Atlantic City in 1964.  We were first booked into a hotel that had corn shuck mattresses.  We couldn't stay there, so we moved to a nicer hotel.  It had a macaw in the lobby and skeet ball for the kids.  It was fun to go on the Boardwalk, but I also saw the places the tourists aren't supposed to see like the rundown apartments.  I also wanted to go in the ocean, but it was absolutely freezing in that water in June. 
 But, back to our trip.  We first got to Washington, DC.  Our nation's capital.  As a kid, I loved the Smithsonian.  We also toured the White House and did all of the monuments.  We were distantly related to Senator Strom Thurmond, and he got us passes to the Senate.  We also got a behind the scenes tour of the Capitol, including a train ride underground between buildings.  That was cool.  We got to eat in a restaurant underground, and ride an elevator for Senators.  When the elevator doors opened, there was Barry Goldwater.  My Mother almost fainted.  All she could do was shake his hand.  She didn't wash that hand for the rest of the day. 
 After leaving Atlantic City, we went to New York to the World's Fair.  I liked riding the tram and seeing the Pieta, but I couldn't stand, and still can't stand, the song "It's A Small World".  They debuted the song there, and that was a tragedy.  We also toured the United Nations and the Empire State Building.
 As we were driving back home, we stopped at a motel in Silver Spring, MD for the night.  I had my teddy bear with me.  Teddy was my best friend.  I left him at the motel accidentally, when we left the next morning.  When we got home, I realized that Teddy was still in Maryland, so I got very upset, and my parents called the motel.  The manager said they had not seen Teddy.  We figured a maid gave it to their child, so I hope Teddy had a good time in Maryland and still cheers up a child somewhere.

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