Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Billy Graham

 In the summer of 1963, my parents and I were at Ridgecrest Conference Center in NC, where my father was leading a conference on Sunday School work.  My Mother and I were there, because it was kind of like our vacation.  One afternoon, the phone rang at our room, and it was Billy Graham.  Billy lived in Montreat, which was only a few miles from Ridgecrest.  He asked my father if he wanted to come over for dinner that night and to bring the family.  My father knew Billy Graham from his work.  Daddy said no thank you, because he explained he was leading this conference.  My Mother and I were furious at Daddy, but what could we do?
 The next summer, we went to Atlantic City NJ for the Southern Baptist Convention.  Billy Graham was the keynote speaker.  After his speech, my father took me up front, and I met Billy Graham.  He looked to be a giant of a man.  As I was shaking his hand, Daddy explained to him that this meeting got him out of the dog house for passing up on the dinner the year before.  Billy and Daddy had a good laugh over that.  I got very emotional, because I had just met Billy Graham. 

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