Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rehearsal Dinner

 I had just graduated from high school and still 17 years old.  We went to a wedding in Alabama, where my father was performing it.  My cousin was getting married.  That Friday night, they had a rehearsal dinner at the country club in Anniston.  I was seated with a bunch of girls, who were a little older than me.  They knew that I couldn't drink wine, so they asked me to get my glass filled, and then they would take my glass and give me the empty one.  Then, the waiter would be around and refill my glass.  This happened numerous times.  The girls were getting drunk.  My parents looked over at me, and saw my glass was always empty.  They thought I was binging.  After the dinner, they asked me about it, and I told them that it wasn't me.  They believed me after seeing the girls.  Little did I know that I would be binging in about three years later.

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