Monday, July 6, 2015

4th Grade Christmas

 I had started my drama career in kindergarten, but my first lines came in 4th grade.  I was cast as a Wise Man (again) in the 4th grade Christmas Pageant.  And, I was the only one with lines.  Actually, it was only one line, and I can't tell you what it was, although it was probably something about bringing gifts to the child, but there was an enormous amount of pressure to get it right.  I was practicing backstage.  I was practicing before entering.  When I got onto the stage, I mumbled something, and the play went on.  It was not a stellar performance by me, and one I would rather forget.  I understood pressure.  I learned later how to deal with it.  It also started a life long problem with stage fright.  I guess my teacher, Mrs. McCuen, saw something in me that warranted those lines.  Maybe she "discovered" me.  At any rate, it would be years later before the drama bug would bite me.

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