Saturday, July 25, 2015


 During my senior year, the pressure was incredible to get into a college.  I wanted to go back to New Orleans and go to LSUNO.  Or maybe Tulane.  So, I took the SAT's.  It was held in our gym with a whole lot of other kids.  The year before, one guy got a 1596 out of 1600, and he questioned the other 4 points.  They gave it to him.  He went on to MIT and flunked out.  So, I thought I had a shot.  I just about aced the English portion of the test.  After all, I was a writer, and I read a lot.  But then, there was the Math.  I hate Math.  I always have.  I did have to teach Math to myself, when I got into business and am pretty good with percentages, but at the time of taking this horrible test, I got my name right on the test, but that was about it.  I ended up making a 735 on my SAT's.  Here was this genius guy who didn't make enough to get into USC on an athletic scholarship, even though I didn't play sports.  There was no way I could get into any school.
 My father stepped in and made a call to a friend, who was the president of Anderson College.  Daddy's grandfather had been one of the first trustees of that school many years before.  It was a Baptist-funded school, so some strings were pulled, and I got into Anderson College.  It was a junior college at the time which helped.  Otherwise, that guidance counselor of mine, who had said the only thing I could do was to be an auto mechanic, was right.  Not to put down auto mechanics, but I had higher goals.  AC was coming toward me.

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