Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lynda Carter

 Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman on TV.  Six Flags over Texas booked her to open a new ride of theirs called the Spinnaker.  She was to appear on a Saturday and sign autographs.  What could go wrong?
 First, it rained a lot.  Second, it was a cold rain, which made it a raw day.  Third, Six Flags had set her up to sign autographs under an open-air shelter.  And, Fourth--she was late getting there.
 I went to the event.  So did about 150 other people.  The shelter was about 10'x8', around the size of an average bedroom.  150 people crowded into that space.  As it was raining, no one wanted to stand outside the shelter, so space was at a bare minimum.  No one wanted to lose their place, so we all stood in our spots that we had carved out for ourselves.  It was so tight that one could not breathe.  Then, the trouble started.
 People started pushing others to get space to breathe.  No one would budge.  Small children began getting on the floor to be able to breathe.  Adults fainted standing up.  When that happened, they were hauled up in the air and passed overhead to get away from the crowd.  The fire department showed up and tried to get people to move.  No one did.  However, when someone fainted and were moved, everyone else got that much more room to breathe. 
 Lynda got there 30 minutes late.  Several people had passed out.  She was with some friends from Arizona, where she grew up, so she was more interested talking to them than interacting with the fans who were still standing.  She was much more beautiful in person than on TV.  When it came time for her to sign my autograph, she glanced up at me and then signed "Peace, Lynda" on her picture.  I got out of there and stood in the rain to breathe and cool off from the heat of all those people crammed into that small space.  I got sick from that experience, but it was worth it.

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