Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 One great thing about living in Ft. Worth was the concerts.  A lot of big names came there to play.  Paul McCartney came just before I moved there.  The Rolling Stones came, but I didn't get to go, because I had to work.  I had a connection who was going to get me backstage, but that didn't work out.  She told me afterwards about all the things she saw backstage.  I wished I had called in sick to work.  One of life's regrets.
 I did get to go see George Carlin.  He was very funny, but he cut his set short, because he got sick.  Some said it was heart related.  Others said it was drug related.  I don't know which, but I did get to see him twice years later.  Another concert I went to was a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool.  They were good.  I also went to see the musical play "Oh Calcutta".  (Yes, a seminary student went to see that play).  Don't chastise me.
 One band that came to Ft. Worth was Heart.  They were promoting their single "Barracuda".  I didn't get to go to their show, but I found out where they were spending the night after the show.  The hotel was near the convention center.  It was the same hotel that President Kennedy spent the night before being killed the next day in Dallas.  All of the acts spent the night there.  I saw Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes checking in before.  But, this was Heart.  I hung out in the lobby of the hotel until they came downstairs to leave.  I said hello and helped them load up their van.  They were heading to Houston for their next show.  I met Ann and Nancy Wilson.  They were both nice, but I liked Ann better.  I also liked their lead guitar player, but I especially liked their drummer.  I have found that drummers are funny people.  I guess because they are mostly in the background and don't get much press, so they don't take themselves too seriously.  I like drummers.  I tend to gravitate to them.  I think that's why I like Richie from another band that some of you know.  I guy who played in Wings was in that band. 

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