Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pierre Cardin

 One night, I was working at Sanger Harris, and I had two men come into the Record Dept.  One was kind of tall and the other one was short.  The tall man asked me if we had the 8-track tape for "American Graffiti".  I said yes.  He had a very thick accent.  The shorter man spoke only French and was saying something to the tall man, who then told me in English.  Unbeknownst to the shorter man, I spoke fluent French, so I knew what the man was saying.  He said some very rude things about me, including calling me a "peasant".  I rang up the tape, and then turned to the shorter man, who was Pierre Cardin.  I told him in French that I thanked him for his purchase, and that I was not a peasant.  His face turned red.  The taller man's face turned red.  Cardin then apologized in English.  He may have thought of himself as a big shot, but I brought him back down to size.  Thanks to high school and college French.

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