Thursday, August 13, 2015


 As I mentioned earlier, our family vacations were paired a lot with Daddy's work.  They were either at Ridgecrest, Glorieta, or at Southern Baptist Convention meetings.  I wanted to talk about three of them.
 One was in Houston, TX in 1968.  I remember it, because we heard about Bobby Kennedy getting shot in Los Angeles, while we were in Houston.  It was the headline on a newspaper we saw in a box on the street.  Daddy and Mother worked in Houston at a church long before I was born.  The pastor of that church was Dr. Westmoreland, and he had box seats for the Houston Astros baseball team.  We got to go to the Astrodome and watch a game.  That was pretty cool.  Daddy had a free day, and he asked me if I would rather go to San Antonio to see the Alamo, or to go to Astroworld and ride rides.  I opted for the park.  During that trip, we stopped in Selma, AL for dinner.  I heard there that Otis Redding had been killed in a plane crash.  Funny how you remember where you were.
 In 1969, the SBC was in New Orleans.  It was the first time (and the only time) I had been back to my hometown.  My Mother and I went to the Lowe's Theatre to see the movie "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium".  It was a funny movie, and kind of ironic, because 4 years later, I would experience that movie first-hand.  The Theatre was the swankiest I had ever seen.  I also experienced the seamy side of New Orleans with the strip bars of the French Quarter.  I couldn't go inside, but the doormen would open the doors to show me what was inside.  I also experienced men trying to pick me up.  I didn't know at the time what that was about.  I did fall in love with pecan pralines. 
 One other trip we made to a convention was Philadelphia.  We saw all of the historical stuff there, and I ran from downtown to the art museum and climbed the steps to stop at the top.  I did this before Rocky did it, so maybe he got the idea from me.  I was in really good shape. 

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