Saturday, August 29, 2015


 Upon returning to Anderson College for my sophomore year, things had gotten much better for me.  I was the hero of the Theatre for pulling off "Up the Down Staircase".  I had a private room in the same suite, where Louie used to be.  People started liking me more.  Things were good.  I changed my major to Speech and Drama from English.  I was still in the Ivy Leaves literary group, but I dropped all of the religious organizations.  I also stopped going to church. 
 During the Fall of 1972, I took much more of an active role in both politics and the stage.  I was also in great physical shape.  On Saturdays, Phil and I would play tennis.  I also ran a lot and walked.  Mr. Vivian was looking to direct a play called "Laura".  It was a murder mystery.  I thought for sure that I would get the male lead, but that went to Dennis.  I was not pleased.  After all, people liked me.  Mr. Vivian felt I needed to get some technical work under my belt, so I was cast in a very minor role of a detective.  I only had 2 lines--"You mean it was him?  C'mon let's go".  Funny how you remember stuff.  I worked backstage on the set design, lighting and sound.  One of the props needed for the play was a stereo.  Mr. Vivian and I went to a local stereo store and asked them to loan us a stereo for the play.  They did, but they wanted free advertising in the program.  Done.  The stereo had a demo record attached to the back.  Mysteriously, the record went missing.  I had it for several years.  Confession is good for the soul.
 The play went well.  There were two actresses who played "Laura".  One was a little older than the other.  Linda was the younger one.  She died the next year in a car crash.  Jimmy played the villain.  He and I became very good friends.  Howard played a suspect.  He and I were at Flora together.  He went on to play golf and is now a motivational speaker. 
 The one thing I learned from "Laura" is not to get your ego in your way.  All jobs are important to the overall success of a piece.  It may hurt not getting the lead every time, but one can do things that will enhance one's part no matter how big the part is.

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