Friday, August 7, 2015

Mrs. Pryor

 In my first semester, I had to take Botany.  It was a required course.  I was never good in Science or Math.  Thankfully, Math was not a required course.  But, Botany was.  My teacher was Mrs. Pryor.  She was a bit on the heavy set side, and wore glasses.  She also had a very thick Southern accent.  I was not used to that kind of accent.  I came from a more urban setting, where most of the people talked normal.  Mrs. Pryor didn't talk that way.  In Botany, you study about cells.  Mrs. Pryor pronounced that word as "sails".  She confused me.  Why were we learning about sails?  What did that have to do with Botany?  I almost failed her class, because I didn't understand what she meant.  If you teach, please have good diction. 

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