Sunday, December 11, 2016

Star Wars

 I have never seen "Star Wars".  I have never seen any of the sequels, prequels, or quells (whatever they are).  It isn't that I don't like action movies or sci-fi movies.  I do.  But, I have no desire to see anything "Star Wars".  Why, you ask? 
 It comes from an experience I had, when I worked for Sanger Harris Department Store in Ft. Worth.  The movie had just come out, and there were a lot of action figures and other toys connected to the movie.  I worked near the Toy Dept.  We kept selling out of everything "Star Wars".  We couldn't keep them in the store, especially the action figures.  It wasn't just us.  They were selling out everywhere.  We couldn't possibly have enough for everybody.
 So, I would have children (mostly boys) and their mothers come into the store looking for the figures.  I would tell them we had sold out.  The kids would raise a fuss, and I had some kick me in my shins.  The mothers would get upset, and cuss me out.  I didn't really blame them.  They had probably been all over town to try and get these toys, but they took it out on me.  I got so turned off by their responses to me that I vowed never to see any of the movies.  I guess it sounds a little extreme on my part, but that was my response to their abuse. 
 I have had friends tell me that I should see "Star Wars" anyway.  They tell me it is a very good movie.  I guess it is, but I do have principles.  Years later, I was at home and watching TV.  I was flipping the channels and found a movie to watch. It was pretty good. I had seen about ten minutes of it, when it went to a commercial.  The announcer said, "We'll be back to Star Wars in just a minute."  I was horrified.  I had actually seen a portion of the movie.  But, I immediately turned it off.  I couldn't risk having flashbacks of the bruises on my legs from pouting children.  Or, hearing words coming out of women's mouths that they shouldn't have said.  I have even been threatened by a friend that he is going to tie me down and force me to watch the movie.  Never.

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