Saturday, June 27, 2015

The West 1962

 In 1962, we went back to New Mexico.  I loved Santa Fe.  The altitude made it hard to breathe.  At Glorieta, they actually had oxygen stations throughout the area to give folks a boost.  I suffer from asthma, so that was a help.  The first time we were there, I asked my Mother what was the name of the trees.  She said they were Aspen.  My cute response was "Bayer or St. Joseph's".  I had a lot of cute responses for a child.  The beauty of the area struck me more on our second trip to New Mexico.  Upon leaving there, a lightning bolt struck right in front of our car.  Pretty scary.
 Also on that trip, we went to Colorado.  My brother was about to graduate from high school, and he wanted to see the Air Force Academy.  We also went to Colorado Springs, where my brother and I had another snowball fight in June.  The most impressive spot on our trip was the Garden of the Gods.  If you have a chance to see it, go. 

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