Sunday, June 28, 2015


 When I was 5, I was finding out that I had a creative mind.  There was a cereal that I liked called "OK Cereal".  Yogi Bear was the spokesperson for it.  It was kind of like Cheerios, if I remember right.  So, I got the bright idea to write a TV commercial for the cereal.  My Mother helped me a little bit with the typing, but it was my idea.
 I don't remember all the wording, but the gist was that there were three kids with cereal bowls.  One had Brand X, and the kid got sick eating it.  The next was Brand Y, and the kid got sicker eating it.  Then came OK Cereal, and that kid said "OK is ok".  We didn't have an address to the cereal company, so we sent it to a Yogi Bear comic book address.  They wrote back to me, and said that it was very creative and wanted to talk with me in about 18 years.  Of course, the Yogi Bear comic book and OK Cereal weren't made 18 years later, but it was the start of my writing career.

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