Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mays Park

When we moved from Burney Drive to Belmont Drive, there was a period of time where I still had to go to kindergarten.  Mays Park was about 4 blocks away, and all the kids in the neighborhood went there.  I had a lot of fun there.  No more strict discipline from Mrs. Pow.  No more memorization of The Bible.  Just a lot of play; some naps; and a little snack.  At the end of the session, they dressed us all up in white caps and gowns and gave us diplomas.  We also had an orchestra, where we all played instruments for the parents.  Originally, I had two sticks to knock together, but I was given a triangle to play.  I was so cool.
 A couple of other things about Burney Drive--that winter it snowed.  My Mother didn't want me out much, but I did play in the front yard.  We had a big bush near the front steps.  The branches froze, and I actually walked up the bush a few feet on the frozen bush.  It was kind of weird.  We also made snow ice cream.  It was good back then, but I wouldn't suggest it now.  The other thing was we gave our dog Brownie to our next door neighbors, when we moved.  They were glad to get him, and we were glad to see him go. 

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