Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 This story has nothing to do with bugging any kind of electrical item like a phone or a microwave.  It is about my first apartment.
 After having been kicked out of the dorm at Southwestern, and then kicked out of the apartment that I was sharing for free with three friends, I had to find a place to live.  I drove around the neighborhoods near school, and I saw a rent sign on a duplex. 
 The duplex was just off West Berry and a block from Travis Avenue Baptist Church.  It was a one-bedroom with a living room, bath and kitchen.  The tenant on the other side of the duplex was a TCU student majoring in dance.  She had a big dog as her roomie.  I went to see the apartment during the day, and it looked okay.  It was $150/month.  I gave a check for the rent plus deposit to the landlord and moved in.
 It didn't have curtains, so I had to put up a couple of blankets in the living room over the windows for privacy.  The landlord told me that the other tenant put her dog out, when she had guests over to her place.  That was okay by me, as long as the dog was tame. 
 I went to work the first day in my apartment.  When I came home after dark, the dog was also outside.  It apparently thought of me as a threat, and it went into attack mode.  I screamed for the girl to come out and get her dog, so I could get inside, but she didn't hear me.  She was "entertaining" a male friend.  I had to wait in my car until he left, so she would bring the dog back into her place, and I could go into mine.  This happened frequently, as she "entertained" many men.  She seemed to be rather popular at night.
 When I finally go into my place, I found something that I didn't see upon first inspection.  BUGS!
EVERYWHERE!  Primarily roaches, water bugs, and moths.  There was a Mexican restaurant close by, which made the place smell good with fresh bread baking, but it also attracted pests.  Each night, I spent an hour killing bugs.  They were all over, but mainly in the bathroom's tub.  I couldn't take baths because of them.  The kitchen stove didn't work either.  The dials were melted to the frame.  So, I had to buy a toaster oven to cook.  I learned a valuable lesson with the bugs.  Always check out your apartment at night before signing rental papers. 
 I bought a fogger for my place to get rid of the bugs.  That didn't work.  Between the mean dog and the pests, I drank more.  I would put down a six-pack of beer every night just so I could pass out and sleep.  It was just too much to take.  I made a list of 21 things wrong with my apartment and asked the landlord to fix them.  He refused.  So, I told him after a month of living there that I was going to move out.  I asked for my deposit back.  He refused.  I learned another valuable lesson.  If you are going to rent an apartment, it is better to rent from a company instead of an individual, especially if you don't know this individual. 
 I kind of wished that the student would have invited me over to her place and "entertained" me, but I probably would have gotten some disease.

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