Friday, February 3, 2017

Wedding Invitations

 One of the problems that I have had over the years is being too successful in something, because a supervisor will ask me to do something else, because they think I can do good at anything.  Case in point was when Sanger Harris got the bright idea to do custom wedding invitations in their Stationery Department.  The machine used individual type characters that I had to place in the machine, which was hot and used color inks and heavy stock paper. 
 We had forms, which the bride would fill out with what she wanted on the invitations, and then I would print them by hand.  It usually took a couple of days to do each order of not more than 100 cards for each wedding.  Sounds simple, huh?
 No!  It wasn't the machine.  It wasn't the ink.  It wasn't the bride.  It was the bride's mother.  When the order was ready, I would call the bride to come to the store to pick them up, and she would bring her mother.  That woman would tell me the invitations were all wrong.  The time was wrong.  The name of the church was wrong.  EVERYTHING was wrong!  I would pull out the form that her daughter filled out, and she would tell me that the form was wrong.  Her daughter would not have written that down.  I must have forged her daughter's wishes.  So, I would have to do the order again.  Another two days.  I would call, and something else was wrong with the order, so I would have to do it again.  The stress was so awful that I asked to be relieved of this job.  The store realized that they were losing money on ink and paper, so the wedding invitation service was halted. 
 Sometimes the good ideas don't take into account that the mother of the bride is the one with the credit card that she will threaten to cut up if it is not done HER way. 

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