Monday, February 20, 2017

Julie Newmar

 In 1978, the first "Superman" movie with Christopher Reeve was released.  I went to the first showing one night at a large theatre in Ft. Worth.  I was with three friends from seminary, and we got there just before the movie started, so we had to sit down front and look up at the screen.  The theatre was packed.  The movie was great. 
 At the end of the film, everybody filed out, but I wanted to watch the credits.  It was a habit of mine to wait for the credits, because I wanted to see if there was anyone I knew who worked on the picture, since I had done some film work.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a woman standing just across the aisle from me also watching the credits.  I recognized her immediately.  It was Julie Newmar.  At that time, she was living in Ft. Worth with her husband who worked there.  I tried not to stare, but she was wearing a very short, crocheted mini-dress.  For those of you who don't know, she played Catwoman in the TV "Batman" show with Adam West.  She had other TV and movie roles including the laundry girl on "The Monkees".  I figured that I had better leave before her from the theatre, since she was a celebrity, and I wasn't.
 I left just as the credits were ending and went outside to find my friends.  They were out there running around.  They had their arms stretched out like Superman and humming the theme song.  I decided to join in, and ran around the corner of the theatre.  I ran smack dab into Julie Newmar's chest.  My fist bounced off.  I was embarrassed and apologized.  She thought it was funny and told me it was okay.  She then asked me if I was the one who had stayed to watch the credits.  I told her I was.  I explained that I always looked for people I might know, and she said she did too.  She asked if I was in the business, which was a euphemism for working in film, and I told her yes.  All the while, I was staring at her dress.  It left very little to the imagination.  Our conversation ended, and I returned to my friends.
 A VERY close encounter with Julie Newmar.  It was good for me.  It seemed it was good for her, too.

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