Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ivey Towers (part 2)

 As I wrote previously, the PC Dean of Students and I didn't get along.  Dean Ivey wanted everything to be the status quo, and I wanted to shake things up.  He had a dog, which was a beautiful brown Labrador.  One afternoon, I was walking across the campus, and his dog began to follow me.  They say that dogs are very instinctive as to who likes them, and I petted his dog.  The Lab followed me into my dorm and started up the four flights to my room.  I had to tell the dog that he couldn't come with me, and the dog looked puzzled.  Apparently, I was more of a friend to him than his master.  Maybe his master didn't show the attention to him, but I did.  I am really not a dog person, but this dog was special.  He belonged to Dean Ivey.  I saw the dog several times after that, and he was always nice to me.
 Dean Ivey had a house along a street across from campus.  It was behind the student building and across the tennis courts.  One night, some friends and I decided to play a trick on Dean Ivey.  We called a tow truck company in Clinton and pretended it was Dean Ivey calling.  The fake Dean said that there was a car parked in his driveway, and he didn't know whose it was, but he wanted it towed away "NOW!".  It was around 2am.  We sat in the bleachers across from the tennis courts and watched what followed.  The tow truck came and hooked up the car to take away.  As he was hauling off the car, Dean Ivey came running out of his house wearing his pajamas, and yelling "Wait, that's my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  It was very funny.  Dean Ivey got his car back, and as far as I know, he never found out who did it.  It could have been a fraternity prank.  He had more enemies than just me.  My friends and I had the most fun that night.  Ivey is not on Earth any more, so sorry Ben (wherever you are).

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