Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Tornado

 I was sitting in class at PC one morning.  The class was on the 3rd floor of the three-story classroom building.  We were watching a movie.  All of a sudden, the power went off, and we heard a freight train outside the window.  Our teacher told everyone to get on the floor.  He knew what it was.  I didn't. 
 After a short time, (it felt longer than it actually was) the "train" was gone and everyone started getting up off of the floor.  The teacher asked us if we were okay, and everyone said yes.  We slowly walked outside, fearing what we would see.  I looked around and saw the buildings seemed to be okay.  I did see a tree that was next to my dorm was gone.  I went to my dorm room and saw that a tree next to my window was gone.  My room overlooked the football field, and I saw that the tornado had taken out all of the light poles about halfway up.  I realized what had happened.  The tornado had taken the tree on one side of my dorm; skipped over the building; and then taken the tree on the other side of my dorm before going across the field.  If it had gone through my dorm, it would have gone straight through my room.  The tornado also tore through some homes on the other side of the football field, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.  The fact that it happened in the Spring meant that football season was over, so they had time to repair the light poles. 
 It was pretty scary, but we were also thankful that it wasn't worse.  That was the first of three tornadoes that I have been in.  I will write about the other two later.  The fact is that it DOES sound like a freight train.  Three tornadoes in my lifetime are three too many.  I pray that I will never be in a fourth.

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