Friday, January 1, 2016

The Train

 We left Lucerne the next morning on the train bound for Paris.  The girls and I got a private compartment.  Mr. Vivian didn't want us to close the blinds to the corridor.  I guess he didn't want any hanky panky going on in there.  We used the seats as two beds and took turns lying down using a leg of someone else as a pillow.
 The train took us through the Alps on the way to Paris.  It was an all-day trip.  Somewhere along the way, the train picked up a group of Portuguese soldiers.  They were supposed to be in second class, but they spilled out onto the corridor outside our compartment.  They went a little crazy, when they saw the girls.  I tried to keep them from opening the door to our first class place.  They were banging on the glass.  The conductor showed up and cleared the aisle.  He made them go back to second class, but they soon came back.  I was wearing the wedding ring from the play to help in protection of the girls.  One of the soldiers was drooling over seeing Sandra, so I pointed at my ring and pointed at her.  He pointed at his finger with no ring and pointed at her.  He laughed.  We didn't.  What was it about us and run-ins with soldiers?  The conductor came back and this time he barred them from our area. 
 We went to the dining car to get something to eat, and Sandra broke a tooth.  When we got to Paris, she couldn't eat.  I checked with the concierge about a dentist.  It was Saturday night.  I phoned a dentist, who spoke little English, but he worked at the American Hospital.  (Go figure)  I told him in French that it was an emergency.  Sandra was in pain.  The dentist didn't want to leave his house, so he told me that it wasn't an emergency, and for her to take some aspirin and find some candle wax to put on the spot.  She could wait until getting back home in 4 days.  It was not the news we wanted to hear, but we got some wax from the concierge, and Sandra went to bed.  The other girls wanted to relax, so I went out walking in the neighborhood that night.  I found a nice park with a fountain.  I sat for an hour and reflected on the trip so far.  I had wanted to go out to Maxim's for dinner, but that didn't work out.  At least, my five years of French helped a bit.

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