Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 As I have said earlier, I was "Joe College" during my Sophomore year at Anderson.  I did all kinds of things that caused people to take notice of me.  It felt good. 
 At the end of 1972, I was given the Best Actor award.  I prepared a speech, but they didn't let me give it.  I still have it if I win an Oscar.  Early in 1973, I was named to "Who's Who in American Junior Colleges".  Lenny and Sandra also were named.  I wrote a poem called "A Little Story", which was published in our school's literary book "Ivy Leaves".  It was also published in a national poetry book.  You can read it in my blog called "My Works".  I was named to the Delta Psi Omega Honor Dramatic Fraternity.  I had to prepare a dramatic work to recite at that induction, which was held at Mr. Vivian's house.  I did the soliloquy of King Arthur from "Camelot".  A couple of years later, I was inducted into the Alpha Psi Omega Honor Dramatic Fraternity at Presbyterian College.  Apparently, I was the only person in SC at that time to be in both.  At graduation from Anderson, I was named to the Denmark Society, which is the top award that one can get from Anderson.  Nobody knows until their name is called.  Lenny and Sandra also got that award.  There were about 15 of us that received that honor. 
 Pretty good for a person that my high school guidance counselor said that I wouldn't amount to anything.

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